This lean manufacturing guide is here to help you learn more about lean manufacturing pros and cons.

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Welcome to the lean manufacturing guide, discover everything about lean and just in time manufacturing

This site was designed to help you find questions to some of the most common questions about lean manufacturing. Which is also known as just in time manufacturing.

:: What is lean manufacturing?
Lean Manufacturing is "A systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste through continuous improvement by flowing the product at the demand of the customer."

:: Discover more about lean with our online guide

Employee's Should be Involved in Your Companies Lean Manufacturing Plan
The process of lean manufacturing is not just a matter of the type of machinery a plant has. Instead it is dependant on the personnel of the corporation.

Would Your Company Benefit from Lean Six Sigma?
The powerful combination of lean manufacturing and Six Sigma is what we are speaking about when we use the term Lean Six Sigma.


:: What is lean about

 Lean is about doing more with less: Less time, inventory, space, people, and money. Lean is about speed and getting it right the first time.


:: Customer orders

Each custom order can require a slightly different mix of parts for the final product, and that triggers dozens or even hundreds of purchase orders to parts and materials suppliers.

:: Six Sigma

One of the best systems to help your organization develop knowledge to determine where you are now and create a better understanding of how and where your business needs to go next is called "Six Sigma."
:: Principles Lean Enterprise

Zero waiting time,
Zero Inventory, Scheduling -- internal customer pull instead of push system, Batch to Flow -- cut batch sizes, Line Balancing and Cutting actual process times.




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